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  • 2017-09-19

    Game screenshot

    This version includes an update to Marauroa 3.9.5 which fixes an item duplication bug on multiple logins. We like to thank pepsz for the report.

    The officials of hell got quite annoyed by seeing their home turn into a “hotspot” for tourists. Hell is already hot enough! Blatantly some tourists even bought ice swords to lighten Tomi’s tortures. Enough is enough! Be prepared to end up in the pit of hell, when you are caught before your time has come.

    Some more of Stendhal's citizens and creatures regained their shape. For example Gashadokuro, Stone Golems and Chicken materialized again.

    Please see the complete change log for this release.

  • We released Marauroa 3.9.5 with an important security fix.

    It was possible to add a character multiple times to the world by logging in in parallel. Depending on the game, this may lead to item duplication or similar undesired effects.

    We like to thank pepsz for the report of this issue.

    Download * Source code patch * Change log

  • 2017-06-14

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Stendhal's inhabitants started to advance to new projects. Together they approach new perspectives for the whole world of Stendhal!

    Steps in advancement were taken in different areas of the world. Especially the city of Ados was busy. They hired a few more guards and opened a new city gate. These obviously good news seem to attract new people to Ados and its surroundings! Someone has spotted a new fisher hut. Will someone move there soon?

    Hell became less hellish, with a path being widened to easen the torture of blocking.

    Please see the complete change log for this release.

  • 2017-04-16

    Game screenshot

    Spring is coming. Beautiful flowers are growing in all colors. The citizen of Semos did a much overdue Spring cleaning and decorated their city for the Easter celebrations. According to rumors, a certain well known bunny has been spotted.

    Happy Easter!

  • 2017-03-10

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Recently the world of Stendhal was hit by an evil curse: Despite a desperate battle, some creatures, animals and even people lost their shape and dissolved into sparkling dots.

    Luckily the consequences of this curse seem to fade away slowly. Cows and Bulls, green and red dragons, ghosts, slimes and death. All of them have completely recovered.

    Rumors are suggesting, however, that this is not just a matter of time passing. But the result of hard working heroes in another world.

    The inhabitants of this world hope for more hard-working people to help shapeless creatures, animals or people to get back into shape!

    Please see the complete change log for this release.

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