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  • 2023-06-12

    Update: The issues have been fixed.

    We just published an update to the Java client, to work around the issue with stendhalgame.org not responding to DNS queries. The Java client 1.43.1 will resolve the name "stendhalgame.org" internally. Therefore you can play normally despite the outage.

    There are no news on the root issue. The website and webclient are still offline.

  • 2023-06-12

    Update: The issues have been fixed.

    Our domain stendhalgame.org is unresolvable at the moment. While we investigate the issue, you can use the Java client to connect to "arianne-project.org" to access the same server.

  • 2023-03-09

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Would you like to show off a powerful weapon or a strong shield? Or would you like to have a fancy umbrella? Talk to Gwen at the new Accessory Shop in Deniran City.

    An old and well known shop in Nalwor offers beautiful flowers. But restocking has become an issue. Perhaps you can help? But be careful, the elves might not be friendly to you.

    Speaking of dangers, there are some minor changes to the fighting rules which you can explore at the Deathmatch arena in Ados. You can even unlock one of the new achievements there.

    In other news: The webclient saw significant improvements such as a new trade dialog, a simple group panel and weather.

    Please see the complete change log for further details.

  • 2022-12-25

    Game screenshot

    Elias Breland is getting more and more worried about his grandson, who has gone missing. If you have some time to spare and some detective skills, please try to solve this mystery.

    It’s the end of the year. And that means Christmas in some regions of the world. But even if you do not celebrate Christmas, a larger bag might come in handy.

    Speaking of handy items, Giles is happy to braid ropes for you.

    Please see the complete change log for further details.

  • 2022-10-25

    We released a server-only Bugfix to restore proper defense of creatures.

    Background: Because of this bug, the logic to increase def_xp of players was applied to creatures as well.

    The def_level of creatures, however, is statically assigned, they don’t have any def_xp. But the broken code incremented the non existing def_xp from 0 to 1. This in turn triggered a calculation of the def_level and overwrote it with 10 (the def_level for def_xp=1).

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