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  • 2019-02-01

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The foundation of Deniran, the capital city, has been added to the world. It is still in early development, but you can already explore it west of Orril castle by the river.

    Do you have an idea of a NPC or shop to fill the place? Found a map issue? Want to write a quest? Please let us know on #arianne chat or open a ticket.

    The web client saw many improvements, including an outfit-dialog and a menu-button to easily access the most common commands.

    Last but not least we worked around an issue in MySQL which caused trouble when Emojis were used. We added a stendhal-starter.exe file to make starting Stendhal more convenient on Microsoft Windows.

    See the complete change log for this release.

  • 2018-10-17

    Marauroa 3.9.6 fixes a security bug which allowed an attacker to take over control of a foreign character. We would like to thank pepsz for the report.

    On login, Marauroa verifies your credentials (typically username and password) and offers you a list of your characters. You select one of your characters to start the game.

    At this point Marauroa checks whether your character is already in game. In this case, your old client is disconnected and ownership of the character object is transferred to your new client. Otherwise Marauroa loads your character from the database.

    In the second case, Marauroa ensures, that the character you requested, belongs to your account. In the first case, however, Marauroa did not verify the account. This bug is exploitable with both the traditional Java client and the new web client.

  • 2018-10-10

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Mine Town Revival Weeks have just started! It’s the annual event to remember and celebrate the old miners' town north of Semos city.

    As every year, you can play games, hang out or enjoy the food. As a special treat, Saskia and Liliana have opened a booth in Semos city to sell costumes.

    Traditionally, Stendhal required you to download a Java client. But now you can play Stendhal directly from your browser without installing anything. The web client is still in heavy development, so you might want download the Java client. But please give the web client a try. What bugs can you find? Which missing features are important to you? Please let us know on Github or type /support in game.

    See the complete change log for this release.

  • 2018-06-05

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Due to another hit by the curse of vanishing shapes, we decided on a full overhaul of shapes based on new images from safer sources. Some shapes are still in a state of transition from the dots to a more natural form without details.

    We like to give a special thanks to members of the OpenGameArt community who made their work available for games like Stendhal:
    Svetlana Kushnariova (Cabbit), diamonddmgirl, amaranthia, Angry Amish, artisticdude, bagzie, Barbara Rivera, bluecarrot16, Casper Nilsson, Charles Gabriel (Antifarea), Cobra Hubbard (BlueVortexGames), Crisisworks, Curt, Daniel Eddeland (daneeklu), danielmahon, DkuCook, Dominik Gmiterko (ienze), Fabzy, GrumpyDiamond, Hyptosis, isaiah658, Jetrel, Johann C, Kemono, Kevin Smith (TKZ Productions), Lanea Zimmerman (Sharm), lawnjelly, Leonard Pabin, LordNeo, Lori Angela Nagel (Jastiv), Michael Williams (BizmasterStudios), mold, Nila122, NoLogoGames, Rayane Félix (RayaneFLX), RedVoxel, Shepardskin, Sollision, Stephen Challener (Redshrike), Tuomo Untinen (Reemax), William Thompson, Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier (TheraHedwig), wulax, Xenodora, Yamilian, Yar, yolkati, Zachariah Husiar (Zabin), ZaPaper, ztn, and other communities: Daniel Cook, Firkin, Guido Bos, leangoro, johnny_automatic, leangoro, liftarn

    The Arianne project would like to give special thanks to Svetlana Kushnariova (Cabbit) who created the base template sprites that are used throughout this release, and diamonddmgirl for her additions to the set. And finally, thank you to the Stendhal project members Kimmo Rundelin (kiheru), olonu, & Jordan Irwin (AntumDeluge) who put in extra hours of work to take on the huge task of creating & replacing sprite & tileset images.

    On the good side this cure made it possible to change the skin color of player avatars.

    Hell's overseers seemed to have a broken clock and threw people out of Hell much too fast... They should have fixed their timers and promised not to repeat those mistakes. It also might look a little bit odd that Hell is such a popular place. What are the conclusions on Faiumoni's citizens if they like Hell that much? ;)

    Please remember: There are other interesting places like Adventure Island, Kikareukin or Dreamscape.

    See the complete change log for this release.

  • 2017-09-19

    Game screenshot

    This version includes an update to Marauroa 3.9.5 which fixes an item duplication bug on multiple logins. We like to thank pepsz for the report.

    The officials of hell got quite annoyed by seeing their home turn into a “hotspot” for tourists. Hell is already hot enough! Blatantly some tourists even bought ice swords to lighten Tomi’s tortures. Enough is enough! Be prepared to end up in the pit of hell, when you are caught before your time has come.

    Some more of Stendhal's citizens and creatures regained their shape. For example Gashadokuro, Stone Golems and Chicken materialized again.

    Please see the complete change log for this release.

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