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  • 2016-12-04

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The year is coming to an end and the people are just starting to celebrate this time of the year.

    Semos is nicely decorated for christmas. There are rumors out there telling Santa could be spotted soon.

    The citizens of Semos have learned a new Christmas song: "O how joyfully". After "Snow Flake Little White Skirt" last year and "Oh Christmas Tree" the year before, is this the start of a tradition?

    Imagine: No need to have an eraser at hand for book keeping of how many creatures were killed for your tasks. No erasing and new writing of kill counts anymore? Sounds good, yes? Luckily this imagination starts now to become true. The number of killed monks for the Kill Monks quest is noted with tally marks in your travel log. Isn't that way easier than before?

    Please see the complete change log for additional changes.

  • 2016-09-13

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    It's almost time to party! The annual Minetown Revival Weeks will start in early October. According to rumors, Kirla will join the festival with her own booth. She is famous for her ability to create pictures from your memories.

    The citizen of Semos are still busy preparing the party. They are looking for a volunteer to help with this year’s paper chase. Will someone step up in time?

    In other news: A trader called Mizuno has been spotted near Ados. He sells ice arrows for black pearls. They might come in handy, should you ever end up in hell.

    Please see the complete change log for additional changes.

  • 2016-04-13

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Please download Stendhal again as there will be no automatic update to version 1.20. We accidentally uploaded our private code signing key to an Open Source repository on GitHub.

    We take security very seriously, therefore the updater double checks every update by verifying the signature before installing it. With the second check not being trusted anymore, we decided to release an updater with a new set of keys.

    Please note that this is only a "security in depth" measurement: The updater downloads code from trusted source only in the first place.

    But the security of computers is not all, that is important: When you are diving under water, make sure that your scuba gear is safely attached. If you lose it, you might get into serious trouble.

    On a good note: Harold will be much more friendly to customers by allowing them to prolong all their offers without having to cut through red tape.

    When archers use their bow, it will not be very visible for a boost of confidence.

    Please see the complete change log for additional changes.

  • 2016-01-03

    There will be an Arianne Development Meeting on Wednesday, the 6th of January at 20.00 server time (19.00 GMT) in #arianne, on irc.freenode.net. Web chat

    • Sourceforge, Github, Travis
    • Prepaing release of Marauroa 4.0
    • Doing Sendhal releases
    • (Stendhal Web Client)

    More details and minutes are available on the Wiki page Arianne Development Meeting 2016-01-06

  • 2015-12-09

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    There are legends and rumors about mysteries hidden in deep sea: Sunken ships and dangerous creatures. Does the Kraken really exist? Or was it just made up by drunken sailors? Find out yourself by going on a quest to explore the unknown.

    But be careful! Good preparation before your diving trip is important. You may want to start by doing a scuba diving license.

    Sometimes you don't have to wander far to discover interesting things. Cats for example have just learned that milk tastes really delicious.

    Please see the complete change log for additional changes.

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