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Stendhal is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel.


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What is Stendhal?

Stendhal has a huge and rich world. You can explore cities, forest, mountains, mines, plains, caves and dungeons.

You could meet over 300 NPCs, many will give you tasks and quests for valuable experience, shiny gold, but mainly a warm fuzzy feeling. You may be asked to help protect land or people from danger, feed the hungry, heal the sick, make someone happy, solve a puzzle, play a game or simply lend a hand. You can keep track of your progress using a Travel Log.

Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons, trade with friends, or look for what other players are giving away in the 'community chest'.

If you just want to fight that helps too - the cities could get overrun by monsters without you!

Start playing, get hooked... and if you like, get the source code, and add your own ideas!

So what are you waiting for? A whole new world awaits...

Start playing, get hooked...

With Java installed, playing is as simple as clicking Play Now on stendhalgame.org. You can play Stendhal on Windows, Mac and Linux, it is completely free and all open source.

There is an ingame tutorial, a manual and a beginners guide.

Get the source code, and add your own ideas!

Stendhal is part of the Arianne project and framework for developing games. It's a great project to get involved in, if you are interested in learning to develop Java for example. If you don't want to code you can help with graphics, history, dialogue, quest ideas, music and more. Join a team of developers from all over the world who create the game just for fun, and of course for free, in our spare time. We would really love to get your help contributing.


You can read Stendhal's manual here

Online servers

Stendhal is a online game, so you need to connect to a server in order to be able to play:


Change Log

1.47: Pizza in Demand!

  • New achievements: 30 Minutes or Less
  • Balduin allows requesting different item for Ultimate Collector quest
  • renamed chef Patrick to Preston
web client
  • fixed text extending past edge of notification bubbles
  • added support for saving chat log to file
  • bigger buttons for small touch enabled devices
  • travel log displays while waiting for response from server
  • supports optional tab placement above panel contents
  • travel log tabs match theme
  • added basic lighting effects support
  • fixed Seven Cherubs not showing up as completed

1.46: Getting with the Times

  • look-action and website now show the effective def attribute (the hidden factors have been made transparent)
  • seeds can be used from inventory
  • renamed items: "courgette" to "zucchini", "iron" to "iron bar", "salad" to "lettuce"
  • fixed many NPCs not responding to certain chat options
  • foghorn sounds plays when ferry arrives at mainland & island
  • redrawn placeholder tiles in Oni Palace
  • fixed some outfit errors
web client
  • improved movement handling with on-screen joystick & direction pad
  • alternate "floating" menu style
  • alternate "floating" chat panel style
  • software keyboard is automatically hidden after sending chat message
  • optional activity indicator for corpses & some signs
  • immediate configuration changes affect only the active client/browser tab
  • application menu dialog doesn't close when clicking on background
  • correct NPC title is displayed in chat options dialog
  • disabled highlighting joystick/d-pad button on mouse double-click & drag
  • joystick/d-pad isn't shown until user interface is ready
  • character name in stats panel uses default font size
  • fixed chest default open/close behavior (clicking on open chest opens inventory window instead of closing)
  • doesn't attempt to open corpse/chest inventory windows when character not in range
  • fixed chat history duplicates
  • chat options dialog remains open until NPC is no longer attending or player closes
  • fixed continuous movement state not always updated at startup
  • supports displaying members' HP status in group panel
  • fixed group panel not always showing membership after login
  • added support for touch drag-and-drop
  • fixed weather drawing to not appear to move with player
  • fixed subsequent single clicks on items to not count as double after double click
  • fixed deathmatch scrying orbs
  • fixed portal default action when on a collision tile
  • added autocomplete support
  • fixed positioning of door sprites (-2_orril_lich_palace 84 108)
  • optional click/touch indicator
  • fixed difficult to move small floating windows
  • supports chat commands tab completion
  • supports text highlighting in speech bubbles
  • fixed opening chat log context menu with touch
  • added option to clear WebView cache
  • added option to lock orientation
  • fixes for using the correct software keyboard
  • app ID changed to conform with F-Droid standards
  • Android build no longer depends on Marauroa
  • updated & fixed `runserver` scripts
  • update converter can handle quest slot sections delimited by commas

1.45: Branching Out

  • new achievements: Ados's Lifeblood, Commander in Chief, Hyperbolist Historian, Nation Crusher, Semos's Ruler
  • seeds & bulbs items have unique images
  • added Kirdneh City chests to Kirdneh, Fado, & wizard's banks
  • added Magic City chest to wizard's bank
web client
  • improved touch support
  • added optional, experimental on-screen joystick
  • added experimental chat options dialog
  • added emoji dialog
  • displays character name in browser title/tab & stats panel
  • displays status effects in stats panel
  • weapon style attack sprites rotate with entity

1.44: Memories

  • new achievements Fruit Salad: Harvest 3 of all fruit that grow in Faiumoni
  • new achievements Sowing Seeds of Joy: Sow 1000 of each type of sowable flower seed
  • Kirla sells copies for her memory pictures
  • quests now shown in travel log: Adventure Island and Help Tomi
  • chicken & mother hen drop eggs
  • seeds aren't wasted if attempting to plant them failed
  • added fertile ground to more maps: Deniran City W, Kalavan City, Kalavan City Gardens, Semos Plains N (more), Semos Plains NE
  • item page list sellers and buyers
java client
  • rendering mode can be changed in settings
  • replaced infostring with itemdata to overcome limit to 255 characters
  • items support states (generalized from ring of life)
  • Quest Manifest for deliver-item quests
  • fixed Jimbo's shop sign
  • fixed Lobelia's path
  • fixed status effects inflicted by player weapons

1.43: Fashion and Competition

  • new achievements: Fairgoer, Patiently Waiting on Grumpy, Floral Fondness, Challenge Accepted, Traveling Peddler
  • new items: amethyst
  • new NPCs: Gwen: sells accessories - Unicorn Horns for Zelan quest is now repeatable
combat changes
  • melee weapons can have longer range
  • descreased damage penalty compensating for player hit chance handicap
  • new and improved graphics (e. g. trees)
  • producer NPCs now have an icon
  • support "rear" layers for player outfits
  • new and improved background images
web client
  • fixed movement with direction key stopping unexpectedly
  • weather effects
  • added HP bar and karma bar to stats panel
  • added trade dialog
  • added simple group panel

1.42: A bag as a gift

  • new quest: A Grandfather's Wish
  • new NPCs: Elias Breland, Niall Breland, Father Calenus, Giles
  • new items: rope, ashen holy water
  • new achievement: Deathmatch Convoy
  • new non-interactive animals: tadpole
  • Karl sells horse hair after Bows for Ouchit quest
combat changes
  • DEF XP awarded immediately if damage was inflicted
  • DEF XP awarded for blocks only if damage was recently inflicted
  • ATK XP always awarded if damage was recently received from opponent
  • reworked chaos sprites for Cabbit bases
  • touched up Wrviliza sprite
  • coloured NPC outfits are now shown correctly at the website
  • updated arandula preview for Medicine for Tad quest
web client
  • travel log items are sorted alphabetically
  • fixed closing notification & entity chat bubbles on click
  • offset player HP bar so not blocked by other entities
java client
  • fixed closing entity chat bubbles on click
  • saved chatlog filename includes character name, date, & timestamp and are saved to "chat" subdirectory

1.41: Encouraging Exploration

combat changes
  • added mimimum level to many items, in order to make different equipment useful over time
  • faster healing from eating food
  • ATK XP rewarded for successful or blocked hits by creatures regardless of having recently taken damage
  • missed hits never reward ATK XP
  • player hit chance is increased by 50% during combat
  • player hit damage is decreased by 50% to compensate for increased hit chance
  • summon scrolls can be used inside deathmatch arena
  • adventure island guarantees spawn for daily monster quest (just like deathmatch)
  • new rare creature: golden orc
  • changes to Ultimate Collector and Kirdneh Museum quest
  • find Jef's mom quest added to Private Detective achievement
  • another set of eyes for outfits
  • item and entity sprites touch ups
  • replaced item sprites: l/r hand swords, elvish shield, elvish legs, elvish boots
  • marked scroll tooltips now show custom labels
  • deathmatch announcements not repeated until after 10 minutes
  • own/leave options for pets
  • fixed dragging items and corpses under other entities
  • players represented with blue + on minimap
  • enabled re-ordering items in inventory
  • started to work on touch support

1.40: Sticky Conversations

  • New NPC John Smith
  • King Edward buys royal equipment
  • training swords now autobind and have min level 20
  • Deniran bank zone added as requirement for "Safe Deposit" achievement
  • added some missing shadows for entities
  • added polka dots to red cloak to match description
  • touched up blordrough sprites
  • added outlines to many item sprites
classic client
  • "Mark all" option for empty scrolls
  • speech bubbles follow owning entity
  • floaters are drawn above roof layers
experimental web client
  • contained marked scrolls display a tooltip with destination info
  • shadows of creatures are drawn
  • emoji support
  • settings dialog
  • user interface themes
  • walking away automatically closes corpse and chest windows
  • windows for shop lists and bestiary
  • items with animations are displayed
  • screenshot support


Stendhal has been developed by:

Hendrik, AntumDeluge, kiheru, madmetzger, kymara, yoriy, bluelads, storyteller, laguz, tigertoes, plassy, durkham, MartinF, mort, Miguel Angel Blanch Lardin, Chad3f, Steve I., Kim Purnell Samoa, Danter, Laurent Soubrevilla, Hans Haggstrom, Jonas aka Damosh, TheGeneral, AntumDeluge

© 2005-2024. Released under GNU General Public License.