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Stendhal is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel.


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What is Stendhal?

Stendhal has a huge and rich world. You can explore cities, forest, mountains, mines, plains, caves and dungeons.

You could meet over 250 NPCs, many will give you tasks and quests for valuable experience, shiny gold, but mainly a warm fuzzy feeling. You may be asked to help protect land or people from danger, feed the hungry, heal the sick, make someone happy, solve a puzzle, play a game or simply lend a hand. You can keep track of your progress using a Travel Log.

Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons, trade with friends, or look for what other players are giving away in the 'community chest'.

If you just want to fight that helps too - the cities could get overrun by monsters without you!

Start playing, get hooked... and if you like, get the source code, and add your own ideas!

So what are you waiting for? A whole new world awaits...

Start playing, get hooked...

With Java installed, playing is as simple as clicking Play Now on stendhalgame.org. You can play Stendhal on Windows, Mac and Linux, it is completely free and all open source.

There is an ingame tutorial, a manual and a beginners guide.

Get the source code, and add your own ideas!

Stendhal is part of the Arianne project and framework for developing games. It's a great project to get involved in, if you are interested in learning to develop Java for example. If you don't want to code you can help with graphics, history, dialogue, quest ideas, music and more. Join a team of developers from all over the world who create the game just for fun, and of course for free, in our spare time. We would really love to get your help contributing.


You can read Stendhal's manual here

Online servers

Stendhal is a online game, so you need to connect to a server in order to be able to play:


Change Log

Stendhal 1.21: Get the party ready

  • Pets can drink 'medicine' even when they aren't hungry. Making them easier to maintain in battle.
  • New trader NPC (Mizuno) travels around remote parts of Ados selling ice arrows for black pearls.
  • Rebalancing vampire, chaos swords.
  • Photo booth at Mine Town Revival festival
  • Small improvements to maps
  • Small improvements to item and monster descriptions
  • Default action of chest changed to open/inspect instead of look
  • Help For the Harvest quest works again.
  • In TeleporterBehaviour, zoneName.startsWith() now checks a variable so teleporting NPCs can be a little more customizable.
  • TeleporterBehaviour can now be passed an array of zones to choose from or leave null for the default list.

Stendhal 1.20: Trust and Confidence

  • Humans lose conscious when scuba gear is take off under water
  • Improved thunderstorms
  • Archer combat is now visible
  • Harold understands "prolong all" now
  • Support Postgres databases in addition to H2 (recommended) and MySQL
  • Setup Travis for continuous integration tests and fixed some order dependent tests
  • Migrated test coverage analysis from Cobertura to Jacoco
  • Git repository is mirrored instantaneously between Github and Sourceforge in both directions
  • Yearly special event quests now pick up the current year as part of their quest slot automatically
  • Backend for puzzles
  • Christmas quest "Goodies for Rudolph" is now repeatable next year
  • Fixed maximization state being sometimes saved incorrectly.
  • Database index are now created automatically

Stendhal 1.19: Deep Sea

  • new interesting under water zone
  • new quest for a scuba diving license
  • new Kraken creature
  • Zekiel can make enhanced lion shields
  • cats can drink milk now
  • map improvements
  • fixed compiler warnings and code cleanup
  • added cancel buttons on all dialog boxes (for window managers which do not add an X to the title bar)

Stendhal 1.18: Voyages

  • a half elf girl and an distillery customer share their stories at Ados market
  • Improving dialogue of Lil Johnnny
  • Saskia sells umbrellas
  • zone names labels on world map
  • http://arianne.sourceforge.net is moving to https://arianne-project.org
  • fixed status resistance items being forgetting their status value
  • fixed turning left and right of character on character creation web page
  • fixed map in Orril Dungeon -3
  • fixed kill enemy quests getting stuck
  • Webstart starter will be able to check both arianne-project.org and arianne.sourceforge.net for additional files. So if SourceForge goes down again for a week, webstart will still be able to download Stendhal
  • code quality improvements

Stendhal 1.17: Water from above and below

  • Varying weather at outside zones
  • A new fish swimming along the coast in Ados City
  • Clubs and swords are visible during fights
  • Added to Daily Item Quest list: 5 olives, 2 marbles
  • Drunken player speech is now more confusing and depends on the state of drunkenness
  • Different "elf" head for players and NPCs
  • New corpse for bone dragon
  • New item medicinal ring: Slightly protects against poisoning
  • Mainio boots reward instead of steel boots from Kanmararn Soldiers quest
  • Corpse descriptions state the creature name, instead of just the creature class
  • Animated flame tiles replaced in int_semos_wizards_tower_1
  • More visible new chat message indication
  • Links to stendhalgame.org in the chat log can be opened with a mouse click
  • Add hotkeys for cycling through chat log tabs: "Ctrl+Shift+left/right"
  • Alias "/status" for command "/sentence"
  • Alias "zucchini" for "courgette", Alias "armour" for "armor", Alias "color" for "colour", Alias "extend" for "prolong"
  • "sentence" is now displayed in player description when using "Look"
  • Can restore window width, height, and maximized state
  • Drawing weather can be disabled in settings
  • Active entities reset animated sprite index to 1 to appear standing when stopped
  • Zombie status is indicated by making the player green
  • Fix player cannot move after zombie status wears off
  • Karma reward for quests: Kill Dhohr Nuggetcutter, Coal for Haunchy
  • Refactored plant/cactus_2.png, object/row_boat.png
  • Reporting killers on an entity death no longer lists all attackers at the time of death
  • The server no longer sends perceptions for deleted entities
  • Organized outfit parts into subdirectories
  • Changed "player_base" outfit type to "body"
  • A new script for replacing maps on a running server

Stendhal 1.16: Lil' Snowflake

  • Semos city is decorated for Christmas
  • Falling snow
  • Leaderhosen outfit
  • weather layer

Stendhal 1.15.1: Poisoned Death

  • Security fix: Summon scroll creatures poisoning a moster resulted in multiple corpse

Stendhal 1.15

  • Mine Town Revival Weeks are celebrated again!
  • new quest: Finn Farmer has an important message
  • better fitting curves to limit player stats
  • repeatable quests are marked in progress log
  • added support for translucency sprites on systems which are fast enough
  • updated world map
  • admins can summon public chests
  • admins can remove sentences
  • small bug fixes
  • code cleanup, fixed compiler warnings

Stendhal 1.14

  • new park in Fado city, south of church
  • Easter map for Fado city
  • unified search: creatures, items, quests, achievements, players, world guide, player's guide
  • integration of wiki pages
  • detail pages for quests, regions and dungeons
  • links from NPC, items and creatures to related quests
  • new, cleaner layout with drop down menus
  • breadcrumbs for easier navigation
  • gallery for screenshots
  • website now works on small devices
  • length of text messages limited and line breaks fixed on Java 7/8
  • wedding ring supports double click
  • message on shocked
  • code cleanup and documentation improvements
  • excessly high atk and def level are capped for fighters with little experience (average players should not notice much of a difference)

Stendhal 1.13

  • Nice zone names
  • Dragon slayer achievement
  • Xeno helmet added to NPC purchasing shops
  • Improvements to maps, most notable a makeover in hell
  • Rats are so hungry that they are not scared by weak people anymore
  • Fixed webstart on Oracle Java (for Windows users)
  • Postman messages are now filtered by the ignore list
  • Fixed item description for canned tuna (item name underlining)
  • Fixed a karma exploit on accepting accpeted quests (1.12.1)
  • Fixed PVP defense against weaker players (1.12.1)
  • Removed myopenid as it is going to be discontinued
  • If you developed a game based on stendhal and use the automatic updater, you will need to edit game.properties and add UPDATE_SIGNER_KEY. The required value will printed in the webstart console.

Stendhal 1.12

  • New Christmas maps for bank, townhall, storage (Eonnas house, all Semos)
  • Meet Santa and Rudolph
  • Dragon now notice small players right in front
  • Reworked normal storage interior
  • More creature descriptions
  • Mew stocking items, deleting coal
  • New sounds and images
  • Fixing tiles on several maps
  • Sometimes xp reward for killing creatures was too low, if the player logged out during the fight
  • On expire of a special outift, a message was displayed, even when the outfit has been removed beforehand
  • Display name of ip-address on login history
  • Replaced commons-lang.jar with guava.jar (needs to be changed in Eclise: Project | Properties | Build Path | Libraries)

Stendhal 1.11

  • Mine Town Weeks are celebrated
    -- New Paper chase quest
    -- New Sokoban game
    -- all the games from last years festival are back
  • Margaret accepts coupons
  • New look for Semos plains
  • More creature descriptions
  • Added fairy cakes to daily item quest
  • Icons to indicate healer and merchant NPCs
  • Pebbles sprite replaced by rocks in some collision areas on maps
  • New achievement: Fisherman
  • Notifies player of last login attempt
  • Subwindows on the right side panel can be arranged by the user
  • Screen flashing during zone colouring change has been fixed
  • Resizing karma bar no longer causes it to flash
  • Font setting changes opening travel log window has been fixed
  • Status icon positions are automatically arranged
  • Poisoning and new status effects handled with new system

- More creature descriptions
- Added 3rd frame to cyclops and cave troll for smoother walking effect
- Animated sprite for diamond
- Touched up sprites for some creatures
- NPC Seremela has a new sprite
- Touched up elf ears for some NPCs
- Added reversible path on collision to Eheneumniranin
- Added achievement "A Bit Xenophobic"
- Reworked area around ghost in Ados city_n
- Now handles images for multiple status effect icons/animations
- On multi-screen systems updater windows open on the screen with the mouse pointer
- Shop signs can have animated item images
- Game opens in the initial window
- Fixing table entities in Kalavan houses
- Exchanging white round tables in fado city
- Clicking the menu button when the menu is open, closes it
- NPC sound effects are handled by server
- Sheep sounds are generated server side
- Domestic animals and NPCs use the same idea handling code in the client

- New quest: Traps for Klaas
- New quest: Help with the Harvest
- New achievement: A Bit Xenophobic (inactive)
- New item: xeno helmet dropped by xenocium
- Captain of Athor Ferry named Captain Brownbeard now
- Sprite fixes:
-- Ogre soldier's front & back facing helmet fixed to match side view
-- All dark elves now have elf ears, Elf ears on many elves made more visible and cleaned up
-- Re-drew/touched up many creature sprites including Grobble monster and Winged blurble
- Added new harmless corpses to the following creatures: ice giant, elder giant, lord durin, cave troll, imperial general giant, master giant, black giant, amazoness giant, kasarkutominubat
- Sound effect played when player dies
- Added to list of maps where Rose Leigh will not teleport
- Most blue items moved from Daily Item Quest to Weekly
- Added dwarvish legs to Femme Fatale's shop
- Sound effects for fishing source and water spring source
- Karma indicator bar flashes for karma change
- Movement prediction when using keyboard adapts to network latency
- Alice Farmer answers to "crepes suzette"
- TeleporterBehaviour badZones table updated
- Replaced tilesets: table_white_round tileset with table_white, bench_white, orb_table, skull_post
- Marked apothecary's lab and cabin as inaccessible
- Player's head no longer shows when walking in minecart tunnels in -2_semos_mine_n_e2
- Item names in shop lists are now properly underlined
- Spurious double click usages on items not meant to be usable removed
- PassiveNPCs using random paths can be set to have a maximum movement radius
- NPCs can be set to reverse their path on collision
- QuestCheckingPortal can now check quest state

- New NPC and quest in Nalwor Flower Shop: Restock Flower Shop
- New achievements: Nalwor's Bane and Feeling Blue
- New puppy NPC in Semos City
- Rodent trap added to Daily Item Quest
- Some new creature sound effects
- Some new creature corpses
- New NPC type: PassiveNPC
- Warning messages for dangerous areas now show up in client display
- Sound plays when player/creature blocks an attack
- Item names have a new highlighting mode
- Twin swords have a bit of DEF again
- Teddies can be hugged
- Food and drinks have "Eat" and "Drink" menu items, instead of "Use"
- House keys are no longer dropped on death
- Bufferflies added to Semos Plains North
- Rabbits added to Fado City
- Fish added to fountain in Ados City
- 3 kitten added to Felina's house
- Option to turn off creature speech bubbles
- Fixed accidental looting on drag by deactivating ctrl-click as looting command
- Immediate response when starting to move with arrow keys
- Attack sprites are scaled according to attacker size
- Player now faces attack target if not doing so on each turn
- quest log of EmotionCrystals fixed
- Removed background noise from many sound effects
- Pressing an arrow key always tries to move one tile
- Producers don't ask to come back in the past under certain conditions anymore
- Hayunn won't give more than one task at a time
- Stone style for client fixed
- @Override added where applicable
- Reduced visibility of several classes, methods and fields
- Unused old code removed

- New quest from Julius: Emotion Crystals
- New items required by Mayor Chalmers and Hazel
- New food requirements for Katinka's animals
- Snake pit beneath Ados caves
- New dropped items: elvish hat
- New quest items: stone legs
- More lights on Ados market, around Athor island and more light effects
- New look for mountain orc
- Dwarves rebuilt rails in Semos Mine
- New creatures: Mimics, cobra, king cobra, and lamia
- More sounds and descriptions for creatures
- Creatures added to the mountains
- Pdiddi warns first customers about the risk of his pills
- Pianos and clocks have sound effects
- Toilets and sinks have running water sound effects
- Athor's ferry has "creaking" sound effects
- Jef feels better but still wants to hear from his mom
- Pushable stone blocks
- Background music in hell
- Growing cherry trees on Orril Mountain
- A lot of redrawn tilesets
- style changeable from settings menu
- Special character in offline messages (postman messages) work now
- Fixed imperial defender sprite
- Map fixes (e.g. collision errors and layers)
- Slightly increasing drop rates for blue items

- more light in Ados city
- some creatures drop blue items now
- more creature descriptions added
- new sprite shown when blood and corpses setting is turned off
- new sound effects for multiple creatures
- Leander explains his task better
- new corpses for slimes, ents and stone golems
- dwarvish legs now available
- Alice Farmer understands players better
- Vincento Price can count correctly
- Collision touchups around trees on many maps
- Elementals in hell can't collide any longer
- "Far South" achievement reachable again

- added Rudolph and a quest for goodies
- added reindeer moss as a seasonal goody
- Santa is out for Christmas
- A lot of redrawn images
- The game screen can be scaled. The scaling can be turned off in settings to get the old behaviour
- Karma bar fits to the width of the left panel
- Travel log updates to font preference change immediately
- Font size used in the client can be changed
- fixed tic-tac-toe board not being drawn when the top left corner is not on screen
- fixed a bug that could cause items being lost in trade
- fixed the automatic scrolling of the chat log sometimes turning off by itself
- several small fixes to entity views sometimes missing changes