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Stendhal is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel.


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What is Stendhal?

Stendhal has a huge and rich world. You can explore cities, forest, mountains, mines, plains, caves and dungeons.

You could meet over 250 NPCs, many will give you tasks and quests for valuable experience, shiny gold, but mainly a warm fuzzy feeling. You may be asked to help protect land or people from danger, feed the hungry, heal the sick, make someone happy, solve a puzzle, play a game or simply lend a hand. You can keep track of your progress using a Travel Log.

Your character will develop and grow and with each new level up become stronger and better. With the money you acquire you can buy new items and improve your armour and weapons, trade with friends, or look for what other players are giving away in the 'community chest'.

If you just want to fight that helps too - the cities could get overrun by monsters without you!

Start playing, get hooked... and if you like, get the source code, and add your own ideas!

So what are you waiting for? A whole new world awaits...

Start playing, get hooked...

With Java installed, playing is as simple as clicking Play Now on stendhalgame.org. You can play Stendhal on Windows, Mac and Linux, it is completely free and all open source.

There is an ingame tutorial, a manual and a beginners guide.

Get the source code, and add your own ideas!

Stendhal is part of the Arianne project and framework for developing games. It's a great project to get involved in, if you are interested in learning to develop Java for example. If you don't want to code you can help with graphics, history, dialogue, quest ideas, music and more. Join a team of developers from all over the world who create the game just for fun, and of course for free, in our spare time. We would really love to get your help contributing.


You can read Stendhal's manual here

Online servers

Stendhal is a online game, so you need to connect to a server in order to be able to play:


Change Log

1.40: Sticky Conversations

  • New NPC John Smith
  • King Edward buys royal equipment
  • training swords now autobind and have min level 20
  • Deniran bank zone added as requirement for "Safe Deposit" achievement
  • added some missing shadows for entities
  • added polka dots to red cloak to match description
  • touched up blordrough sprites
  • added outlines to many item sprites
classic client
  • "Mark all" option for empty scrolls
  • speech bubbles follow owning entity
  • floaters are drawn above roof layers
experimental web client
  • contained marked scrolls display a tooltip with destination info
  • shadows of creatures are drawn
  • emoji support
  • settings dialog
  • user interface themes
  • walking away automatically closes corpse and chest windows
  • windows for shop lists and bestiary
  • items with animations are displayed
  • screenshot support

1.39: For Love or Greed

  • new NPCs: Ari, Emeric and Emma
  • new items: shovel, metal detector
  • new quest: Lost Engagement Ring
  • new achievements:
    • Community Supporter: Spend money around the world (medium difficulty)
    • Determination: Increase trophy helmet to max defense (hard difficulty)
    • Balduin sells replacement l/r hand swords after Ultimate Collector quest
    • larger keyring as quest reward
    • Thanatos announces when a deathmatch begins and deathmatch area is now PVP protected
    • knocking on house doors can be heard on second floors
    graphics and sounds
    • touched up some entity, outfit, item, & corpse sprites
    • replaced some entity & item sprites
    • some changes to client cursor theme
    • new vampirette hiss and metal detector sounds
    experimental web client
    • ported to TypeScript to make maintenance and writing new features easier
    • started to work on a UI toolkit based on the concept of Components
    • floaters for xp & hp changes enabled
    • smooth movement
    • speed up drawing of the background landscape significantly
    • arrow keys don't scroll page
    classic client
    • updated Win32 executable (no longer requires registry configuration)
    • new icon
    • channel tab blinking can be disabled in settings
    • audio notification for personal messages can be enabled

    1.38: Silence is golden

    • new achievements: Moving up in the World for looting 100,000 money
    • requirement for doing Money Pouch lowered to loot 100,000 money
    • new NPCs: Claude Conteur, fish in Semos Temple, citizens in Denrian City
    • new items: charcoal
    • removed money drops from many creatures
    • boss creatures may drop up to six items
    • new cursor theme
    • touched up many sprites with scaling artifacts
    • replaced many item sprites
    • replaced some NPC sprites
    • starting with the next version after this release, an installation of Node.js will be required for developers
    • "min_level" is now required attribute for equipment

    1.37: So much space

    • added Deniran Air And Space Museum
    • added Baelin NPC
    • various small improvements to maps
    • fixed crash on startup with Java 16 because of an incompatible API change
    • fixed halloffame on newer versions of MySQL due to "rank" now being treated as a reserved word

    1.36: Construction

    • building Mine Town Revival Weeks as group quest
    • new item: lamp
    • new masks
    • batched database operations to improve performance
    • fixed Bobbing for Apples
    • map fixes
    • do not put money into disabled money pouch

    1.35: Appreciating Helpers

    • new items: ice shield
    • new achievements: Bobbing for Apples, Deathmatch Helper, Deathmatch Companion, Deathmatch Convoy, Magic Supplies
    • NPC changes: King Edward sells Deniran City scrolls, Rengard visits Ados Mountain instead of Semos Mountain
    • small improvements to various maps
    • show progress bar on login
    • massive improvements to the database queue
    • support for recent versions of Java

    Stendhal 1.34: Dojo

    • new zones/maps: Dojo area, Deniran Pawn Shop, Deniran Psychic Parlor, Atlantis Potions Shop
    • new NPCs: Jimbo, Omura Sumitada, Akutagawa, Lovena, Rengard, Pierre, Ryla, Mirielle, Sawyer, Harley, Raven
    • new items: bestiary, training sword, auto crossbow, auto crossbow A, auto crossbow A+, enhanced imperial ring
    • new achievements: Royally Endowed, Deep Sea Fisherman, Zombie Apocalypse, Chicken Nuggets, Pachyderm Mayhem, Imperialist Dominator, Imperialist Dictator,
    • achievement changes: David vs. Goliath, Heavenly Wrath, Legend & Team Player, Westener fixed, Spelunker fixed
    • new enemies: fire demon
    • enemy drio changes: giant bat, giant killer bat, woolly mammoth, penguin, dodo
    • enemy behaviour changes: baby pegasus, blordrough general
    • new quests: Collect Enemy Data

    Stendhal 1.33: Finding the Lost City

    web client
    • long touching to simulate right mouse button
    • added online/offline icons on buddy list
    • added commands /drop and /adminlevel
    • added support for additional entities: rented signs, blackboards, blocks, house doors, doors
    • players can enable a new pouch slot to carry money
    • new maps: Atlantis and Deniran Tannery
    • new NPCs: Skinner Rawhide, Zelan
    • NPC changes: Lupos buys elvish hat, Adena sells olive oil and vinegar
    • new items: pelt, leather thread, leather needle, imperial ring, placid ring, magic plate legs, magic plate boots, rotary cutter, unicorn horn
    • new royal armor item set
    • new enemies: bull elephant, musth elephant, giant bat, giant killer bat, poison shroom, polar bear, tiny scarab, water scarab, water demon, white unicorn, black unicorn, golden unicorn, baby pegasus, bronze pegasus, ivory pegasus, ebony pegasus, solar centaur, glacier centaur, centaur king, woolly mammoth, giant gnome, giant gnomess, neo kraken, rysin dragon
    • new quests: Unicorn Horns for Zelan
    • quest changes: items for Kirdneh Museum quest categorized for player level
    • shock resistance also alters duration of status
    • Westerner: visit all outside zones in Deniran region
    • Spelunker: visit all underground zones in Deniran region
    • Cheese Wiz: loot 2,000 cheese
    • Ham Hocks: loot 2,500 ham
    • Goldshower: loot 10,000 money
    • Green Thumb: harvest 20 of each type of growable flower
    • David vs. Goliath: kill 20 of each type of giant solo
    • Heavenly Wrath: kill 100 of each type of angel
    • Silver Bullet: kill 500 werewolves
    • Herbal Practitioner: harvest 20 of each type of herb found growing in Faiumoni
    • It's Happy Hour Somewhere: purchase 100 bottles of beer & 100 glasses of wine
    • Serenade the Siren: kill 10,000 gem mermaids
    • Imperialist Lackey: finish Kill Blordroughs quest 5 times
    • Imperialist Soldier: finish Kill Blordoughs quest 25 times
art work
  • made dark dagger image more distinct from night dagger
  • changed beer image to fit description better
  • restored old images: banana, grapes, pear, watermelon
  • new item images: golden helmet, viking helmet, aventail, scroll eraser, studded boots, trophy helmet
  • new music in: Semos Yeti Cave, Semos Catacombs, Kikareukin Caves, Deniran City, Deniran Forest, Deniran Caves, Atlantis, Semos Village, Semos Plains, Semos Road, Nalwor River, taverns and inns in Ados, Fado and Kirdneh
  • minimap recognizes Door entity as Portal
  • support for stairs portals in Tiled with continuous movement
  • fixed Door & LockedDoor entities not handling continuous movement
  • fixed cannot complete Traps for Klaas quest when Antivenom Ring quest activated
  • fixed cannot enter apothecary lab if Traps for Klaas quest restarted
  • enemy/creature shadow can be set with "shadow" value under "type" tag
  • removed multiple messages about no longer being shocked
  • fixed veil not being removed if renting from Timothy while wearing wedding gown
  • slash action "/removedetail" can be executed to manually remove the detail layer from a character
  • mithril cloak quest can be reset to an earlier state in case of lost items

Stendhal 1.32: New Faces

  • new quests: Antivenom Ring, Meal for Groongo
  • new enemies: amethyst mermaid, emerald mermaid, ruby mermaid, sapphire mermaid, cannibal warrior, legendary ice elemental, turtle
  • new NPCs: Jameson (Apothecary Lab), Wanda (Denrian Potions Shop), Zoey (Ados Pet Sanctuary)
  • new food items: corn, habanero pepper, lemon, olive oil, pinto beans, potato, vinegar
  • other new items: antivenom ring (resists poison effect), cobra venom (ingredient for Antivenom Ring quest), decent meal (item for Meal for Groongo quest), turtle shell ring (gives +1 defense), vial (ingredient for Antivenom Ring quest)
  • special outfits: jester hat rented from Liliana is now full jester outfit, Magic Boutique outfit lenders no longer rent out glasses
  • commerce: McPegleg now buys blue legs, D J Smith now buys ugmash and magic cloak, Alexander now buys all blue equipment
  • new enemy drops: banana: monkey; carrot: cannibal woman and elder cannibal; lemon: monkey; olive oil: kalavan wisewoman; pinto beans: ogre, elder ogre, ogre soldier and superogre; potato: boar, cannibal woman, elder cannibal, kalavan housewife, kavalavan peasant and kalavan wisewoman; vinegar: kalavan wisewoman; sedative: imperial priest and imperial high priest; turtle shell ring: gashadokuro; ugmash: amazoness giant, cave troll, elder giant, giant, giant kobold and master giant
  • new corpses for cobras
  • many sprites reworked, replaced, or cleaned scaling artifacts from sprites: outfits, NPCs, enemies, items
  • many replaced or reworked tilesets
  • new outfit layers that players can select: mouth, eyes, mask, hat
  • Conual, in Semos prison, now wears an inmate jumpsuit
  • new melee/attack/block sound effects
  • many new enemy/creature sound effects
  • many new NPC sound effects
  • added map ambiance sounds: water sloshing in Ados City, Athor Island, Athor Ship and Fado City; river in Nalwor Forest, Ados Snake Pit, Semos Mountain and Semos Road; birds in Ados Wall, Ados City, Semos Mountain, Semos Village, Semos City and Semos Road; new wind ambiance to Ados Mountain/Rock and Kikareukin maps
  • new eat sound for pets
  • new coins sound for buyer/seller NPCs
  • new liquid fill sound for water spring source
  • new music added to maps: Fado City, Kirdneh City, Kalavan Castle interiors, Kalavan City, Kalavan City Gardens, Ados market
classic client
  • option to draw shadows under certain entities
web client
  • basic travel/progress log
  • single click looting from corpse windows
  • right click on items in inventory window
  • support instantianted zones (vault, maze, adventure island) by reading map information from server
  • automatically open and close corpse inventory based on content
  • mouse curson icons depending on possible interactions
  • play sound effects for fighting and creatures
  • added mute toggle
  • fixed teleclickmode
  • draw black background on small zones
  • improved readability of item amount
  • improved handling of mobile keyboard
  • improved direction changes with arrow keys
  • added support for more slash commands
  • fixed randomly missing outfit layers
  • fix repeatable marker in Guess Kills and Find Rat Children
  • NPCs that turn around on collision will now stop if they have nowhere to go

Stendhal 1.31: Populating Deniran

  • update world map: https://stendhalgame.org/world/atlas.html
  • new quest: Eggs for Marianne
  • new Deniran NPCs: Byron Mcgalister, Christina, D J Smith, Ermenegilda, Fiete, Julia, King Edward of Deniran, Patrick, Marianne
  • new Deniran interior maps: potions shop, weapons shop, dress shop, grocery store, tiny house, bakery, library
  • new Fado NPCs: Olmo (meat & fish smoker)
  • new items: habanero pepper, magic cloak, pinto beans, tripe
  • new graphics: potions, cauldron icon, magic cloak, sand edges...
  • reworked NPC sprites: Javier X, Terry, Diehelm Brui, Xaruhwaiyz, Ortiv Milquetoast, Stichard Rallman, Eheneumniranin, Katerina,
  • reworked enemy sprites: cavalryman gnome, lamia, madaram hero, piglet
  • reworked items sprites: chain boots, drow sword, studded boots, xeno equipment

Stendhal 1.30: Cool Caves

  • added Deniran Caves
  • continued on Deniran city and region
  • lots of map improvements like fixed fences, iterior decorations and furniture, tower chalet
  • moving wind mill blades
  • new NPC sprites for bandit, scarletarmynpc, Erodel Bmud, librarianconstantinenpc, man_001_npc, woman_005_npc, woman_007_npc, woman_008_npc, elfybuyernpc, elfmayornpc, gamesupervisornpc
  • new creatures sprites for fallen_high_priest, madaram_healer, soldier_elite_archer, beaver, deniran_stormtrooper, armored soldiers or various ranks
  • Ados army batallione protects trade route to Denrian
  • fixed position for hey cart

Stendhal 1.29: Big city casts it shadows

  • started to work on Deniran city
web client
  • implemented outfit selector
  • add a command menu
  • fixed handling of tileset files with an image width that is not an exact multiple of the tile width
classic client
  • stendhal-1.29.zip now contains a stendhal-starter.exe file to make it more convenient for MS Windows users. It will prompt the user to install Java, if it is missing. Then it invokes stendhal-starter.jar as usual
  • continue movement through portals
  • dedicated Archaeologist achievement
  • provided mysql database update script (mysql_charset_workaround.sql) which changes all tables to mysql specific charset "utf8wb4". Important note: Using the standard conform charset "utf8" on >= MySQL 5.6 results in an item duplication bug
  • admin can teleport to coordinates despite map collisions
  • deleted sound files from sources which might have provided wrong license information