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This tool is marked as BETA. This implies it is still under construction and may contain bugs or be feature incomplete, however it may still be playable so please have a go!


  • Game screenshot
  • Game screenshot

What is Marboard?

Marboard is an early prototype of an easy to use vector graphics program allowing live collaboration over the Internet. While it is not ready for production use yet, it is a good proof that Marauroa is suitable for serious applications, too.

Marboard is an early prototype, not ready for production use, yet.

You can find more information about the current state of development, and how you can contribute, on Marboard's Wiki page.


You can read Marboard's manual here


Change Log

Marboard 0.12

  • Fixed build script

Marboard 0.11

  • added change log (this file)
  • added a progress bar on load of a .marb file
  • throttled loading

Marboard 0.10

  • implemented loading of .marb files
  • added preview in tool bar for color and fill color
  • added color chooser dialog

Marboard 0.09

  • preview during drawing of lines or rectangles
  • implemented save to .marb files

Marboard 0.08

  • bugfix: toolbar icons

Marboard 0.07

  • added support for filled shapes
  • added filled rectangles as new shape
  • added toolbar to select dot, line, rectangle

Marboard 0.06

  • added new drawing tool for staight lines
  • added menu to select a drawing color
  • added menu to select a thickness
  • completely rewrote the drawing code to use Swing JComponent instead of AWT Canvas
  • fixed drop-down menu behind window
  • fixed flicker on update
  • fixed crash of X-Windows (!) on resize

Marboard 0.05

  • added menu bar
  • removed right click to clear the board

Marboard 0.04

  • fixed one of the causes for flickering screen on MS Windows

Marboard 0.03

  • tried in vain to fix flicker on MS Windows

Marboard 0.02

  • fixed class cast exception on logout

Marboard 0.01

  • first prototype release
  • implemented a basic server
  • implemented a basic client-gui.
  • added two types of entities: meta entities for objects like users and shapes for everything visible
  • added support for z-index on the server side
  • draw some dots on server start
  • generate a random account on program start and automatically login
  • added support for displaying different colors and thicknesses
  • added left click to draw a red dot (hack the client to draw in other colors)
  • added right click to clear the board
  • added build.xml script
  • added support for automatic tests and coverage report on Hudson


Marboard has been developed by:

hendrik, kymara, madmetzger, kiheru

© 2005-2024. Released under GNU General Public License.