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Contact information

You can contact the project leaders, nhnb or kymara, at: NAME at users tod sourceforge tod net


You may wish to chat live with the team on IRC. You can get an IRC client and connect to:

irc.libera.chat (see https://libera.chat for more information) then

  • #arianne which is for technical discussion, getting help and planning.
  • #arianne-chat which is for friendly chatter

Alternatively, you can simply use Libera's webchat service, below.


There are also a number of Forums on our Sourceforge project page. The forums are located here.

Join/Help Arianne

Yep, Arianne is open source and we welcome everyone willing to fight side by side with us in our brave effort :-)

Take a look to Sourceforge Bugs Trackers, create a new exciting game, help fix this website or promote Arianne all around the world are a few of the many options. Please remember to contact us if you wish to participate.

Mailing Lists

You can also contact the whole group at the mailing list. There are several mailing lists available: