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  • 2023-12-25

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    After long and hard discussions, the Kirdneh City community has installed two city-owned bank chests. Furthermore negotiations with Fado City and Wizard's Bank have been successful for them to honor transaction with the new branch.

    City representatives believe the expansion will not only prosper local citizens, but will benefit travelers from both near and distant regions.

    Speaking of prospering trade: The gardener's association has decided to label their bags of seeds to tell them apart easily.

    Having felt the outpour of support from adventurers willing to fight for Semos, Mayor Sakhs has proclaimed he wants to reward new achievements to those, that have shown extreme patience, endurance, and strength. Not to be outdone, Mayor Chalmers immediately ordered that Ados introduces a similar new reward. Other provinces might following suit.

    Touch support has been improved in the new client. Most notable there are experimental features for an on-screen joystick and buttons to simplify chatting with NPCs.

    Please see the complete change log for further details.

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