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  • 2024-05-31

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Pizza is a popular meal of choice. With growing demand, Leander is looking to hire reliable workers to transport his hot and delicious cuisine to patrons. Couriers with reputations of on-time deliveries are being recognized for their work ethic.

    Some adventurers may be distressed and feel that their quest for the title of "Ultimate Collector" is in vain. Well fret no more, as Balduin is offering a ray of hope. Requests to bring him a different item are now accepted afer some time has passed.

    Speaking of weapons, some creatures have once again taken up arms. For example the angel and dark angel have new swords.

    Last but not least: We released an official Android App, which is available in the download section of our website or on F-Droid.

    Please see the complete change log for further details.

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