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  • 2005-09-17 02:41:12

    Holidays are over as summer is right now. During this two months, Stendhal and Marauroa has shown little progress, although a really nice effort has been done to port our logging system to log4j and to create an API in order to reuse Stendhal code base for other games.
    The first task is complete and the results are simply awesome. Moving to log4j should have been done a great time before.
    Unfortunately our second task; create an API for Stendhal is not so advanced, anyway we are sure and proud that soon we will show some very interesting results.

    Meanwhile I am considering to release a 0.35 version that will add a basic inventory support and fix the ton of bugs most of you have pointed: mainly our lag problem. This release should happen along the next week if everything keeps working as it is now.

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