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  • 2020-07-15

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    When you are in the arena, fighting for life and death, help from a friend is very much appreciated. Starting with Stendhal 1.35 such heroic deeds will be rewarded with an achievement.

    But not everything is a matter of life and death: Stendhal is a spare time project, which completely depends on contributions by volunteers. While it is easy to credit contributors of program code and art, it is more difficult to keep track of other kinds of contributions such as: informal bug reports and ideas, help with testing and community building. In the past, we felt overwhelmed by that task and feared that people might get upset for being forgotten. We even added a little easter egg on the login screen: The “credits” button will lead to a list of NPCs.

    Now, on Stendhal’s 15th anniversary, we want to credit every contributor properly. At this point, the list is just a start, listing only 219 contributors, and some of them with a placeholder image only. We need your help to complete it.

    In other news, we significantly improved interactions with the database. This should completely eliminate delays on login because all database actions that have an impact on logins are prioritized and moved to the front of the queue.

    There are more changes, which you can find in the change log for this release.

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