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  • 2020-05-02

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Don't have a friend to train with? The assassins have built a hidden dojo to train their warriors.

    A wandering adventurer is seeking to compile information on all the creatures found in the world. If you hear whistling, be sure to investigate. That could be his cheerful tune.

    Pawn some of your old items in Deniran. Sawyer has set up shop for business with the aid of his assistant.

    Tired of the same old outfits? Meet Pierre for some new flair to show off. Super heroes and cute and cuddly are his theme.

    If you are curious about Atlantis, look for Ryla. She is tasked with introducing visitors to the hidden world.

    Baby pegasi have grown shy due to the increasing number of poachers.

    See the complete change log for this release.

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