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  • 2017-02-05

    Game screenshot

    The world of Stendhal was hit by a form-destroying curse. While Stendhal is stable now, it will take a lot of work in another world to undo the effects of this curse.

    Join us at #arianne on Libera if you like to contribute to Stendhal.

    It started slowly at first. Someone put up a sign in Semos city claiming that "the world is going to end". Well, most people did not think much about it; just a confused person probably. Someone else even answered with a philosophical question: "What did God do before he created the world?"

    But then more and more strange reports came in: Gnome village was overrun by slime monsters and was begging for help. Snakes appeared near witches, despite them having given up their summon magic more than five years ago.

    Some people still though about this as a practical joke. But the situation got worse by the minute. The next sign said: "Zombies at Semos walls, a death in bank! Oh, my god?!" Confidential reports included messages about a dangerous baby angel near Orril River and about something deadly happening to Stendhal Financial Sphere, most notable in Magic Bank. Zombie rats in Semos Dungeon and on the ship to Athor.

    Panic sat in. This is insane! More reports came in about Skeletons, Demons, Zombies and other deathly creatures all over the world and even above the clouds. But there was hope: Slowly but surely courages adventures fought back at many small battles all over the world. When the message hit home, that Gnome Village was freed, the balance flipped and the good forces started their trip to win this war.

    In an last desperate gasp, the powers of evil casted a dark curse: Many creatures, animals and even some people lost their form and dissolved to sparkling dots. The world of Stendhal is safe for now, thanks to the help of courages adventures. But the effects of the curse can only be undone by lots of work in another world.

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