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  • 2013-04-18

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    With stone blocks you can push around, you better be careful not to get trapped! You can puzzle over what kind of games you want play with them. Another trap to be wary of is the giant snake pit beneath Ados caves, with king cobras and other scary reptiles you may never have seen before.

    Here's a puzzle for you: how do you collect emotion crystals? The answer: by answering more puzzles! If you like the sound of this, go see Julius. There's other new items too (like a rodent trap!), some have got the attention of Mayor Chalmers and Hazel. Keep an eye out incase you are asked to collect them! While your eyes are open, keep an ear open too - there are plenty of sounds to pick up. Can you hear running water in the bathrooms, creaking ships and musical pianos? Just don't listen out too long for all the new sounds from creatures ... or they may trap you themselves! To read the rest of the changes, take a look at the full change log.

    p.s. please welcome AntumDeluge, a new developer to the team! Thanks a lot for all your work on this release and to Bluelads4 for extra special support.

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