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  • 2012-09-12

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Why bother keeping records? Well, it can be informative or it can be helpful. Take the example of Sue the gardener, she's been cataloguing every plant she's ever found on the island! She's recently joined up with Ados City to help create Ados Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful example of record keeping.

    Records can bring us a sense of achievement. Three new achievements have been unlocked - how many times have you completed the Kirdneh Musuem quest, and can you kill every creature, not alone but with the help of another? These achievements can only be awarded through careful record keeping.

    Outside of the game world, the server admins want to help you preserve access to your account if you lose it. The registered email address is usually used for this. Now, if you needed to change your registered email address, this is possible after logging on at stendhalgame.org. To see the record of all the other updates please check our change log.

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