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  • 2012-08-07

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    A spooky atmosphere has settled, with casts of colour appearing over some deep tunnels and magical areas. Vampires hiding in the dim shadows in Semos Catacombs have even added to their disguise - looking normal and friendly right up until they attack you, transforming into their terrifying form.

    Perhaps in response to the darkness, more ground dwellers have been installing lamps. Ados Market and the gnome village in particular are still busy after hours and they need the light. If you're worried about darkness falling, you can keep an eye on the time by checking the clocks around the world.

    Visitors new to our world are now guided by the friendly face of Io Flotto. Her telepathic tutorials are timed to give information just when needed. Will, the guardian of Semos Road East, also has helpful tips for newbies, especially those who don't wear a shield. Starkad, the expert on all creatures, also now charges a lot less to give hints to those with little experience.

    To find out about more improvements, including making the client more playable on small netbooks, Macs, and without a mouse, please see the complete change log.

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