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  • 2012-05-17

    Stendhal 1.00 is a fun friendly and completely free multiplayer online adventure game with an old school feel. We're happy to announce the first stable release of this open source game at stendhalgame.org.

    You can play Stendhal 1.00 on Windows, Mac and Linux. With Java installed, playing is as simple as clicking Play Now on stendhalgame.org.

    Your character awakes in the house of an experienced guard, start a conversation and he'll teach you how to fight ... but even rats are probably a challenge at first, if you can catch them.

    Stepping outside you'll appreciate the beauty of the simple village around you, but once you're strong enough, venture further afield for cities, dungeons, forests, mines, mountains and even tropical islands.

    Stendhal World Map

    On your way you'll meet over 250 NPCs to chat to, and be tasked with over 100 complex and interesting quests. You may be asked to help protect land or people from danger, feed the hungry, heal the sick, make someone happy, solve a puzzle, play a game or simply lend a hand. You can keep track of your progress using a Travel Log.

    Other players will help out and the often filled 'community chest' in the main city is a testament to the friendly groups we have here - though note that PVP is enabled, so if you're nervous, stay in protected areas!

    Monsters are the real enemy, as if they are not kept in check, they threaten to plague the cities. You'll meet little crabs and mice right through to terrifying dark archangels and gashadokuro. Some fight with magical forces, so choose your weapons carefully. For elite warriors, the Death Match awaits...

    As you play your level and stats will improve, and you'll be awarded achievements for completing quests, visiting places, looting items, killing monsters (and more!). You can compare yourself to your friends and see how close you are to the Hall of Fame. The website also has stats on every item, creature, npc, quest, and achievement available in the game and a neat google maps-based world atlas.

    It's all too easy to start playing, get hooked... and if you like, get the source code, and add your own ideas!

    See you soon at stendhalgame.org.

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