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  • 2012-02-05

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    In Stendhal 0.99, small, effective changes include allowing players with items under them to be pushed (the item moves with the player so stays safe). This should mean less possibility of being blocked in by another player as now you can push them out the way even if they have an item underneath. Similarly, reports of new players being attacked by a low level character with very high attack and defence skills, showed us that a PVP check on level alone, wasn't enough. Now attack and defence are compared too when deciding if a player attack would be a fair fight.

    You can't miss the lit up cities at night time. With more lamps lit, it is a brighter world outdoors and even coloured lights are possible. If you'd like to save images of any of these pretty changes, there is a menu item to capture screenshots.

    Admin names are now anonymised when answering support. Admins help with technical issues and bug reports, and support is logged to be answered, without needing to be in game to answer it. Admins are not glory hunters :) Speaking of anonymous names, have you met Marie-Henri? He challenges you to find out his pen name ...

    To read about the other changes please see the complete change log. If you find any bugs, old or new, while playing please contact /support in game or submit a bug report directly. We want the next release, Stendhal 1.00, to be as stable as possible. It will not include any new untested features, and you are our best testers :)

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