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  • 2011-07-14

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Stendhal's innovative client updates mean that our players don't have to do a new download for every new release. This requires that the packages are signed with a security certificate, and those expire once per year - requiring all players to download again! The updater has been rewritten to avoid this in the future while keeping secure, signed packages.

    Note: Webstart will automatically do a fresh download. The download-client will ask you to do a new download.

    In game, you'll notice changes to the Stendhal client text boxes which now attach to the bottom of the screen instead of obscuring game play. (If you didn't know, you can always click on them or hit ctrl-r to remove all text boxes on the screen). There are also two new quests to enjoy - head to Athor to help out John and Jane, or Ados Cemetery where you'll find Andy.

    Stendhal's server has been updated to Marauroa 3.8.7 which greatly improves performance, especially for games with very large numbers of players. Also, any slowness in the database no longer causes the client to timeout on login.

    A full list of changes can be read at our change log.

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