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  • 2011-06-04

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Update: The server migration was successful and fast. Our case study document 'Moving the Stendhal server to a new host' explains the details and would act as a good introduction to some game engine and database concepts.

    It's not always easy to know what people want to hear, in conversation. As Monogenes explains, safe topics of conversation you can always try for an NPC who is listening to you include keywords like job, help, offer, quest. In this case, a small 'ear' icon shows that the NPC is listening. Sometimes a question is asked which requires a yes/no answer, or a specific other trigger word is expected. In this case, the small 'ear' icon will now have a '?' sign over it. This is to indicate that a special response is expected - so read what the NPC has said, carefully!

    The response to role play achievements has been overwhelmingly positive and we have added a few new achievements to aim for. Login and check out your character page on the website to see what you are missing! As before, the aim of these achievements is to encourage richness and variety of role playing experience.

    There are a few other changes and bug fixes which you can get more details on at the change log.

    Mostly this month has been behind the scenes work - to prepare for a server migration, which will happen soon. Extensive preparation means that the downtime for the game itself should be very short. The server name stendhalgame.org will not change. Except for a short downtime, the migration will not have any visible effects. A write-up will follow, for those interested in the technical details of how we would manage a server migrate with only a short downtime, when we need to transfer huge quantities of persistent game data and logged events.

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