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  • 2011-02-26

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Being a true hero is about much more than just killing creatures, it's even more than completing quests and gaining experience. A true hero is alive to the opportunities offered to him, he explores the world's furthest reaches, samples everything he can try and collects rare items. Your challenge is to reach all possible achievements! Compare to your friends, too, here is madmetzger, who developed achievements, as an example.

    One quest related achievement is to complete all quests for those living in Semos City and Village - and there's a new one for you to try - grow a sheep for Nishiya! Another is to help all children in the world, as they need extra special help. Jef in Kirdneh has lost his mom, could you help find her?

    Adventures and expeditions can be fun with your friends around you. If you agree with this sentiment, try forming an expedition group the next time you all go out to fight. All group members can then immediately access corpses for looting, no matter who from the expedition group killed the creature. You get a group chatting channel, and can see the health of your friends in the group in a dedicated groups tab. Our vision is that these groups are quite dynamic in nature, where players will leave and join new expedition groups as each adventure requires. A longer term plan is the creation of a guild system, for lasting groupings of players and with different features, existing alongside expedition groups.

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