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  • 2011-01-02

    Did you know how many people are in the world and what quests you have completed for them? What tasks have you been asked to do that you've forgotten about ...? With over 250 NPCs to meet and nearly 100 quests to complete it can be easy to forget the details!

    This progress log shows your quest history, with details on both open and completed quests, for every quest in the game. This is experimental - so we welcome your feedback* - perhaps we have put in too many details, or too few? Is anything unexpected? kymara did the huge task of filling the possible logs that can be generated for each quest, with help from Bluelads4 especially for testing. kiheru made the very nice dialog, which our beta testers commented was better to have as a separate window so that it can be left open while playing without covering the game screen.

    Stendhal 0.91 Progress Log screenshot

    If you think you've done all the quests here's a least one new one for you: help Anastasia, who lives on Ados farm, to heal her son. To read about all the other changes please see our change log.

    *Feel free to use /support to provide your feedback in game, or open a bug report. Thank you and Happy New Year to all!

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