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  • 2010-12-10

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Merry Christmas everyone! Semos is decorated for Christmas and soon Santa could be delivering presents on a street near you. There's plenty of treats available for Christmas, try crepes from a ratty chef, take chocolate to a hungry little girl, or to continue the theme of goodwill, help a scared man in the Kirdneh region.

    Jynath and Katerina decided to compromise for Christmas and both change their healing prices, as Katerina was undercutting Jynath's market! Now they charge the same. The magic of corpse protection is also working in a fairer way, thanks to some magic wand waving.

    The team actively deal with bugs (which are, after all, a fact of life) and implement feature requests on an ongoing basis. Recently a one man drive by martinf to reduce the number of code warnings has resulted in the graph you see right. Although not affecting your gameplay in Stendhal, fixing all these warnings means better code and therefore a better future!

    Please see the change log for all changes, and happy Christmas!

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