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  • 2010-11-24

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Mmmm.... are you hungry? Faiumoni is having quite some food festival, with sisters Gertha and Martha baking pies packed with cherries and apples. There's new fish to angle for on Amazon island, and elsewhere you'll find garlic and artichokes growing. You can harvest sugar cane, and collect eggs from hen's nests. To wash down all this food you'll need a tasty drink, perhaps koboldish torcibud? For that you'd need fierywater, which is where sugar cane will come in handy. You can meet the distiller in Ados market.

    Did you get a balloon from the game at the Semos Mine Town Revival Weeks? If so then perhaps you can make a small boy, Bobby from Fado, really happy. He'll reward you kindly, if you give it to him. Another friendly thing you could do for others would be to plant flowers in the plains north of Semos. Jenny's selling new seeds and bulbs, there's never been a better time to beautify the world. House owners can also plant flowers on a patch in their home.

    Flowers and food not interesting you? Perhaps you're a hard core slayer of dragons, goblins, orcs and demons? Then you'll be happy to hear that if YOU were the one to take the hits from a creature YOU'll have first chance to loot the corpse. Others will have to wait! Still, if you do want to share the winnings perhaps the control-drag-and-drop quantity selector will be useful. For those who watch others battle in exciting matches to the death, there's been a fun new addition to the Deathmatch arena. Thanatos has installed scrying orbs, which allow the viewer to see right inside the arena, just perfect for seeing all the action.

    There's a whole lot more changes to read about at the change log so do check it out.

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