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  • 2010-10-15

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Autumn, tis the season for migration. And Ados seems to be the city to migrate to, with many new dwellers arriving here. Undeterred by the food shortages, these entrepreneurs will cook for you if you bring them what they need. If you visit Ados market, to the north of the city, you can try a tasty fish soup or a perfectly grilled steak. Elsewhere in Ados you'll find other newcomers, so please be sure to stop for a chat and welcome them here.

    We'd like to commend Harold who recently started his job as a Trading Manager and has been doing ever so well advertising the trades. Still, if two players already want to trade, they don't need to use Harold ... but the days of the old trading table in Semos Bank are over. Now you can complete a direct trade by standing with your trading partner and right clicking on them to bring up a Trading Window. Try it out, but don't forget poor Harold for those tentative sales where you're still looking for a buyer ... The makers of Stendhal would like to apologise to Harold for any loss in sales the new Trading Window could cause.

    You can learn more about these changes and read about all the rest at the change log.

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