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  • 2010-09-13

    Thanks to a lot of hard work from kiheru we're happy to announce the fulfilment of our most frequently requested feature enhancement - floating windows off the main game screen. Your bag, keyrings, settings and character panel will no longer obscure the game view!

    Stendhal 0.87 client screenshot

    As you can see we're pictured above with postman. Sometimes it's nice to read messages you received a while ago, or even ones you sent. Now you can check your old postman messages and read new ones by checking online at stendhalgame.org. Postman will also now take messages for you when you are marked away in game, and when you return from being away he'll send you any messages left for you in that time. You can learn more about these changes and read about all the rest at the change log.

    Download the new client now!

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