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  • 2010-07-26

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Have you noticed the graceful round tower in Semos Mountains and wondered what goes on in that lofty spire? The guardian of the tower, Zekiel, has prepared a quest for you - complete the Wizards Circle and access will be granted.

    Perhaps the sorceress Sarzina visited the Wizards Circle, for she has a new power also; she can enable you to visualise your karma: good, or bad, at any time.

    The magic from that round tower is overspilling into the world, and your imagination. What was square has become circular - when you visualise attacks, you'll now see circles. Your hearing may be more advanced, with strains of music, bells, and other sounds now audible that you could not hear before.

    You'll find heightened awareness of the world around you, for example pathways will be more clearly marked and you can more readily access your inventory, or any help you need. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll discover many more magical little changes in the world.

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