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  • 2010-03-26

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Is that a giant soap bubble which has landed in Kalavan City? No, it's a magical orb, and provided that Ilisa has taught you the art of scrying, you can use this magical orb to take you ... erm ... who knows! Somewhere fun, that's for sure. While you're in the Kalavan area, if you can brave the castle, you'll find someone with a favour to ask you.

    If you get around using automatic walking, you should notice smoother movement, and that you can start walking with only one click, not two. Hopefully you've been enjoying the rich variety of sounds and music around recently. Now you have ability to set the overall sound volume, and even adjust creature volume independently of the background music volume, for example.

    Rats are particularly noisy little critters, and Ados is starting to have a bit of a rat problem. When you hear the Ados mayor shout for help, would you please go kill some rats in buildings inside Ados? The city is getting overrun and he'll reward you well.

    Spring is well on the way, so if you are lucky you can find the Easter Bunny hopping about, and he might have a present for you. And we'd love it if you can join us for a Spring festival party this weekend.

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