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  • 2010-02-20

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Did you know that one of your friends from Semos is a composer of music? Storyteller wrote some songs and they're playing now in various places. Plassy created the system to play the music and hendrik showed Margaret in the tavern and the spirits in the dungeons how to play it.

    The telepath Io Flotto has strengthened the /ignore instruction for you. Now, when you are ignoring chat from another, they look shaded out to black. It means you won't see the outfit and the name becomes less readable. In the demonstration image here you can see Athor labyrinth, which Laguz has redecorated.

    Did you sometimes have problems with holes in your bag when you moved items around in it? Well, Ida the seamstress has very kindly sewed them all up for you. We think that kiheru taught her a new technique, and now you should accidentally drop items less.

    Finally for those of you who love playing so much that you would like your own server to play on, the installation process has been vastly simplified. Remember, Stendhal is software released under an open source license, the GPL!

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