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  • 2010-01-08

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Budding salesmen, there is help at hand for make your trading smooth! Harold will be your middle-man, you tell him what price you want to sell your item for, and he will take it from you. Anyone who comes to ask him what offers he has recorded has the chance to buy your item. Once your item is sold, Harold will give you the price that you asked for it. He's new to the job, so he's only accepting 3 offers per person, so that he doesn't overload himself with work.

    If you prefer to deal direct with tradesmen, barmaids, and suppliers, then you'll find that easier now too. A kind artist has painted each shop blackboard (or book) with a picture, price, and description of each item for sale. Just look closely at the sign by each shop, and you will see something like the picture on the right here.

    Do you remember Haizen, the wizard who sells scrolls? He's learnt some new tricks recently. If you ask him, he'll create a fiendishly difficult maze for you. Can you be the fastest maze runner? You can try a new maze once a day. If that isn't enough to keep you occupied, some of the female population of the island need your help; Carmen, Jenny and Mrs. Yeti would all be happy to hear from you.

    We're really happy with the community here, and we hope you are too. But sometimes there's someone you really just want to ignore, and not hear anything at all from. Well, now /ignore name will mean you can't see private or public messages from that person, until you choose to /unignore name. To check who you are currently ignoring, you can type /ignore. Have fun!

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