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  • 2009-09-02 21:33:35

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    This is the beginning of a very great change - the game menus and windows are being moved off the main screen. Initially, the buddies list and minimap panel have both been moved off your world screen and onto their own side panel, attached to the screen. Also, the chat log is no longer a separate floating window, but a resizeable panel attached to the screen. It's a major step forward and something players have wanted for a long time, soon we hope to be able to move the Bag and Character panels out of the world screen too. It gives you plenty more space to see ...

    ... terrifying creatures. Do you love to fight these? Then go to the magic city and find the Challenger Haastaja and his pet chaos green dragonrider inside his house. He will summon an adventure island for you, with creatures chosen just for you to kill. (And chosen to be a challenge ... ) It's expensive, and you can only go to the adventure island once every 3 days, but it is well worth the money and the wait.

    If you started the adventure called marriage, you'll notice a change in wedding rings. Ognir used magical gold which has limited power, and this power which provides the teleport works best between equals. Once you have used the ring you need to wait at least 5 minutes for it to recharge itself. If you used it to be with a spouse who is a very different level to you, the wait is longer. If you had not been lucky enough to find someone else who would marry you, and you resorted to marrying yourself (a clone), you might find this really affects you, if your clone is very low in level. So, if you want to divorce them instead of levelling them up, then you can temporarily take advantage of Wilfred's special offer. He is letting you pay a fee instead of taking a 3% xp loss on divorce. The fee is 200 x your level, and if you have the money he'll automatically offer you it - if you don't, he'll automatically offer the xp loss.

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