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  • 2009-08-02 23:16:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Everything has changed but nothing is different. So, what's happened? The engine Marauroa which runs Stendhal and controls the database has had major refactoring; mainly to how it accesses the databases. Things are now possible which weren't before, but these all go on 'behind the scenes'. So, in the world of Stendhal, our NPCs, players, creatures, fighting, banks, items, farming, houses, zones and quests, are all unchanged. Stendhal has been ported to use the newly rewritten engine but everything should look exactly as before.*

    We're really happy to announce that the Stendhal client is now compatible with OpenJDK! This is great as OpenJDK is the default Java with many Linux distributions now, so we are happy to have this compatibility. Thanks to omair who provided the fix.

    * Well, not quite everything, as corpses have now been redrawn and new types added. It's also now possible to specify a specific corpse for each creature (instead of one across each class) so if you think a certain creature or creature class should have a different looking corpse, and can draw one, please send us your best efforts!

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