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  • 2009-07-12 22:50:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    It's all about beauty at this time of year. You'll see it if you buy daisies seeds or lilia seeds from Jenny and watch them grow into fabulous flowers. Be sure you plant them on the patch of fertile ground in Semos Plains North. Anyone can pick your fully grown flower, so you're doing a public service by planting them for all to watch and for some lucky person to pick. Perhaps they're most beautiful left in the ground, though.

    You'll see it too in the improved looks of many items and creatures, not to mention the amazing new stendhal splashscreen as voted by YOU the players! If you enjoyed that competition, keep looking out for the next one, you can take part by entering or voting, or both.

    Do you ever see players who should not yet have mastered the black arts, but somehow have many black items? Explicitly: low level players who are stacked with really good stuff? Well, although they can use them still, they will get less good defense from defensive items, and attacking weapons will hit with a lower rate, if the user is less than the minimum level required for the item. The closer you are to the minimum level the better you can use the item, and of course if you have more than the min level required to use it properly, you get the optimal stats from it. So, if your player has a 'twin' who you have gifted items to, you may find that his level is not high enough to use them effectively. Or if you're a genuine player but have been lucky enough to receive a lot of very high level gifts, you may prefer to wait to use those gifts till you are at the correct level for them. What apprentice can truly wield his master's sword?

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