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  • 2009-05-23 23:25:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Finding the 10%* death penalty hard? If you have good karma you could lose a lot less skills now - but if you have bad karma you could lose up to 20%**. If you want to know more ways to get karma just go and ask Sarzina, the wizardess in fado hut, she will tell you.

    If you are a regular visitor to hell and the karma 'hit' when you left hell was getting you down, now you have the option to answer a riddle instead. They are quite tricky so if you can't solve it, you can still leave the normal way. Please try to solve these yourself instead of asking other players. It's not the kind of thing to ask help on, either try to solve it or don't bother, just asking for the answer is cheating.

    Eight more ados houses have opened for sale and all existing houses images have been updated on StendhalHouses - on that wiki page you will find all the updated information about how player houses got improved in the previous release of 0.73 so you may find it worth reading. Don't forget older houses will become available all the time as their owners resell them or they become reclaimed by the state. There are also some special apartments available in an exciting holiday location, a limited number only.

    Last but not least, another fearsome new creature to face in battle - arachne - the name says it all ...

    * 1% for emerald ring wearers
    ** 2 % for emerald ring wearers

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