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  • 2009-03-31 16:41:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Player houses have just got even better! Each house comes with a storage chest, it's not like a player chest where each player sees their own items - it's like the Semos community chest, but inside the house! Everyone with a key can access it, so if you're worried and can't remember who you gave a key to, or if you die and lose your key, hurry to your house seller and ask to get your locks changed. When you're stood outside a house door you can see who owns the house, or if it's for sale, and you can also knock so that anyone inside the house knows you are there. Of course all these features do come with a little teeny cost, and that is a regular House Tax, of 1000 money charged once per month. If you do not go and pay the Ados Taxman then interest is charged, so you owe more, and if you omit to pay for 6 months then you lose your house completely! (This is in fact good news for players, because it means the houses bought by people who no longer play will become free again, yay!) If the tax is too worrying for you, you can simply resell your house to the state, and regain some of the money you spent on buying it.

    The people who live on Fauimoni have started to notice the bad aura around those who kill other players, and now they refuse to buy any items from player killers. They will still sell items to player killers, but they charge a bit more. There's plenty more to tell about: creatures, messages, more magic outfits, these we leave to you to explore!

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