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  • 2009-02-22 23:55:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The Semos Mine Town Revival Weeks Party is over and Susi and her daddy are safe at home now in Ados City. Liliana the magic costume maker has opened a boutique in the magic city, her outfits now last for longer but cost a little more to buy. A new outfit is a great way to express yourself so it is well worth it! Another new way to express yourself is by using the /me command. Just try typing for example '/me loves Stendhal' or '/me thinks kymara is awesome' and you will get the idea!

    Do you enter the Ados Deathmatch often? Next time before you go in, try asking Thonatus which heroes are already battling inside. You'd be surprised how accurately he remembers who has recently taken the challenge. Just in case you have trouble finding him, you should know that he has become tired of dodging the dangerous fallen high priests and walking amongst the smelly fallen warriors. He now sticks to the upper (northern) parts of the swamp, it is safer there.

    For those players who prefer even safer areas such as Semos city, you must have noticed how crowded the bank can be. This is great for when you want to chat or trade but sometimes one yearns for privacy. Now you can ask Dagobert for access to a personal vault. It's there only when you ask for it, and when you leave it vanishes, so any items which you accidentally leave on the ground are returned to you. You can use a magic scroll to exit the vault, or a portal, and also the ability to use scrolls to exit Semos Bank itself has been restored.

    So, players have learnt a number of new abilities - what about creatures? Not to be left out, they have been in training with weapons and learned how to use weapons to attack either slow or fast. Some creatures like the balrog now hit very slow but harder for each hit. Other creatures like a nimble archmage elf or infantry gnome make only very weak hits but faster than normal. It will make for an exciting time so don't delay, try out the new features today.

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