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  • 2008-11-30 17:03:00

    Game screenshot

    To celebrate the lost girl Susi being found safe and well, the tradition of celebrating Semos Mine Town Revival Weeks has returned! For a short time only, visit the Semos Mine Town and get an exciting magic outfit, try a puzzle or chat with the centre of the party, Susi.

    Another piece of very good news is about Thanatos, the Death match Assistant. Any of you who have done a Deathmatch will know that Thanatos has suffered from hallucinations for a long time - he sometimes saw live creatures, even when there were none, and wouldn't let you claim your Deathmatch victory! The best doctors in the land have treated him and we're happy to say he's shown a huge improvement in his ability to do his job. He's also had a chat with Mayor Sakhs of Semos, and explained to him that if a player has helped another kill a creature in Deathmatch, even if they didn't start it, then the Mayor should really reward the helper duly. Have fun!

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