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  • 2008-10-03 13:30:05

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    Warriors, take note! For the rules of combat have changed, and to be ignorant of them is to be in mortal danger!!

    The Revised Battle Creed, applying to all beings, creature and human:

    • Experience level and attack skill both influence the fighter's ability to damage
    • Experience level and defense skill both influence the fighter's ability to defend
    • Even weak beings can harm the strongest being
    • Against fearsome creatures a heavy weapon is mightier than a knife or dagger
    • Be wary when patrolling in hostile areas. Enemies may appear at any moment
    ...for only human warriors:
    • A warrior shall not attack another human soul if he is much weaker than himself, except in defence
    • All shall know when they are safe from attack by any other warrior, by the green aura of protection
    • Those who kill another soul shall be branded with the red skull of death

    Be very aware, the principles of damage apply equally to creatures. You experienced warriors will notice much faster, harder battles than you are used to. Therefore, be cautious until you are again confident of your abilities, and then, go forth and fight!

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