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  • 2008-08-12 17:55:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The threats of Blordrough's dark legion forces cooperation between citizens. Believe it or not, scientists and magicians set aside their beliefs and differences. They combine efforts to make an awesome piece of equipment that can be used to your advantage. Hmmm, or perhaps they are just doing it for the love of Ida. It is a mission for which you will need to ask for help from many types of people, and you will have plenty you need to collect on the way.

    You'll probably be too busy to take a balloon ride up to Kikareukin clouds, and you might even struggle to find time for raids in Fado's new battle arena. If you're even too distracted to look after your pet properly, it will be well looked after in Ados pet sanctuary. Just ask Katinka for help and she will take care of it for you, permanently.
    You should make sure you look after yourself well when working so hard, eat regularly ... but not too regularly, because if you stuff too much food into your mouth at once you can choke. Choking hurts ... and can even kill you, so greedy people better watch out!

    Finally the generous among you will notice that their good karma is lasting longer - you don't need good luck to defeat something significantly weaker than you, just skill. So your luck is saved up for when you really need it. Like in Kikareukin clouds ...

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