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  • 2008-05-29 21:04:00

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    Gossip has been spreading about the precious nuggets of mithril found deep in ados mountains. Some say there is a man who can cast them into mithril bars, which are yet more precious. Some even say that a shield can be forged out of this amazing metal. It's up to you to discover if there is any truth in these rumours.

    The chatterboxes of Faiumoni have had plenty more to talk about, from the controversial new ados barman, to the new attractions on Athor, and yet more fantastical rumours, of huge trees in female shapes that roam the earth ... For those with less mouth, more action, seek out the assassins' tower and pit your strengths against the best of the villains. Beware of the dragons!

    Have you money to spend? The traders of you will be delighted to hear of the meat market in Ados, and new shops in Nalwor, Ados abandoned Keep, Amazon Island and many more exotic locations. Explore again areas you used to know well, you'd be surprised to see what has changed!

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