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  • 2008-06-30 20:45:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    There's always work to do in Faiumoni. Recently we've been fixing leaks, patching up holes and oiling rusty mechanisms. With all these problems solved, you'll notice less bugs scuttling around. Another change you'll notice is that the number in brackets on your character panel after the ATK and DEF levels now shows the skills needed to level up to the next level. It will count down as you fight instead of counting up.

    Linda from Fado Hotel has been on a training course. She now sends couples together to their honeymoon, first checking they are 'just married', of course. She explains about the invitation scroll a bit better now, and is so clever she doesn't even let you go if you don't have space in your bag for the scroll!

    Aenihata got bored one day while protecting Semos from the balrog deep in the mines. So he practised some of his 'terraforming' spells and made a brand new cave! Luckily he still has plenty of magic power to keep the barrier around the balrog up.

    Finally we must congratulate Stendhal's artists, who have done a brilliant job over the last year. We had some artworks which we found ugly, or just outdated. So we have been painting our own, and sourcing some from other free projects like Stendhal. You probably noticed the grass getting texture, houses being rebuilt and flowerbeds being replanted for the last few releases. Well, we've finally finished redrawing the old art work and are really happy with the outcome.

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