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  • 2008-02-14 11:59:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Mr and Mrs Yeti have a sweet little ice cave below Semos Mountain. Be like Mr Yeti, keep your loved one sweet, with a red rose from Fleur in Kirdneh. While you're there, why not visit the museum, drink in the inn, go to the bank or even buy a house!

    Perhaps your loved one likes cute cuddly animals? Then take a stroll around the farm east of Semos. It's full of cute piglets, goats, cows and little tiny mice.

    Alone for Valentines? Go kill some dwarves! That'll help! The orcs in ados abandoned keep want to be rid of the mountain dwarves, so you'd even be doing them a favour. Perhaps retail therapy is what you need, in which case the Orcs in the keep can sell you good quality armor. Some say there's even better stuff deeper in the keep.

    Enough of the blood and guts and back to a love story. Princess Esclara on Amazon island has locked up an ugly barbarian - and he wants to know why! She's not too happy either - are there secret feelings between them? Ok, so it's not quite Romeo and Juliet...

    Lastly on the love theme, a gentle reminder that we want to help any new people who join our world. Hayunn Naratha has been employed as full time tutor of anyone new, which should help a lot, but remember if you do see anyone looking lost - help them! It's what makes the world go round.

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