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  • 2007-10-18 19:51:00

    Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot Game screenshot

    There's something 'huge' been happening in the world ... huge Fado great caves were discovered, full of cave trolls, madarams, and dragons. Huge creatures like dragons seem even bigger now that you can walk behind them. But nothing is so huge as the Imperial Army, with the huge Kalavan Castle and the huge underground city of Sedah.

    There's something 'strange' been happening, too, like the strange rainbow beans to take you to a strange dream world. There is a strange magic city full of wizards and witches, healers and sorcerers. And there is the strange fact that suddenly, your ability to defend yourself, depends also on your experience of the world.

    There's something 'sweet' developing: sweet little cats you can care for, and sweet homes in Kalavan City, which you can buy to live in. Sweet too are the princesses who give you quests, and there are sweet treats: pineapples, coconuts and fairy cakes.

    There's something 'wild' out there: wild women on the Amazon Island; wild creatures whose habits are now a lot less predictable; and wildly animated tiles.

    Finally, there's something safe in knowing that your bank chest is more secure. There's safety too in the knowledge that if you're unhappily married, you can now divorce. And if you want to stay safe, you can get information about any creature you like, from the famed warrior Starkad. Perhaps one day you will have fought as much as him ...

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