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  • 2007-06-22 18:53:09

    Game screenshot

    The houses in Kobold City (known to the Kobolds as Wofol) have opened their doors. Meet Wrvil the weapons trader, and a mountain dwarf who needs errands running. You had better hope noone asks you for anything which requires going to the swamps outside Ados - the creatures there have mutated into things much nastier. The resident ghost over in Ados haunted house is just the opposite - very friendly and she wants to know about other spirits like her. Just make sure you don't get caught in giant webs in the basement ...

    Elsewhere in Ados, the barracks buy some of the very best equipment around, and pay good prices. There must be a general shortage of armor, because the Quartermaster of Mithrilbourgh army also requires boots and helmets. Or if you find mainly cloaks in your travels, don't waste them, take them to a seamstress who uses them to make sails for ships.

    Talking of ships, if you're on the Athor ferry, remember to fish for mackerel. You need that to make tasty fish pies! Find out the other ingredients from Linzo in Fado. And if you're a fan of fishing, why not try wishing? Look for wells with a sparkle to them, and make a wish. Good luck!

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