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  • 2007-05-22 21:03:56

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    Semos mines have been excavated deeper, producing new rocks and stones which were used to rebuild many tired looking buildings. All the citizens think it looks much better and even redecorated indoors as a result. However, digging the mines has opened up new passages and caverns ... they are no longer just the home of cute and cuddly kobolds, as here dwell the Chaos warriors! Also swarming the mines is a whole outpost of the Mithrilborough army, not to mention the mountain dwarves and a much, much, much greater beast. The mountain dwarves are famed blacksmiths - so all the creatures and monsters in Fauimoni traded in the things they fight with - clubs, armor and shields - for better versions. You may find that a monster drops something better than you expected - but he will not want to drop it often.

    The bridge to Fado is open! Discover the delights of the city known across the land as the home of celebrations - of good food and marriage. Find a pretty maiden with a quest for you, and learn about karma from a wizardess. Over in Nalwor, it is less peaceful. The dark elves are still making trouble, and the mayor needs your help. Do what he asks and a special protective prize will be yours. You can fear less from death - but remember, there are now many more who wish to take life from you.

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