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  • 2007-04-14 19:45:14

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    Ados has expanded! The city dwellers are getting desperate for supplies, so the mayor begs your help. As you return, beware of getting drawn into the great caves under Ados Rock. The brave who venture there talk of giants, red dragons and black death. You'll need to face the giants if you want to earn the immortal sword, and anyone who can defeat the black death may loot some rare shadow armament. If the ados caves don't scare you enough, try the drow tunnels. Are the dark elves planning an attack on Nalwor?

    If you want to get away from it all, take a break on Athor Island. It's got it all: sun, sea, sand, oh and cannibals, crocodiles and minotaurs ... Both hard workers and holiday makers can help out Leander. He needs pizza delivered across Faiumoni. Get it there on time and you'll get a tidy tip. Perhaps you'll choose to store your cash in Nalwor bank - once you've earned the key, that is. Are you fed up of all those keys jangling in your bag? Then get your keyring fixed, a blacksmith should be able to help.

    Thanks to some dedicated cleaning, the waters of Faiumoni are now fresh and full of life. Fish have come back to the surface, and if you look carefully you may see glints of gold. Even the air has had a spring clean, so that sounds travel to your ear fresher, and clearer. Enjoy! And fight bravely ...

    If you are a hardcore player or if on the other hand you are new to Stendhal you will find helpful the Atlas

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