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  • 2007-03-10 20:41:39

    Game screenshot Game screenshot

    The elves are back to their homes and businesses in Nalwor City, and they're pretty mad that humans have been visiting! Tread carefully next time you make a trip. Maybe you'll be tempted to travel far, now that walking long distance is enabled by double clicking your minimap. Perhaps you'll visit the Rat City? A careless ratman has left a door open...

    For those who just want a quiet life, they'll find that ctrl+r clears all those annoying chat bubbles. That's not recommended in the middle of a trade on the new trading table in Semos Town Hall. You want to have your wits about you for bargaining the best prices. While you're in the Town Hall - go chat to the Mayor, as he now tells you exactly how long to wait till your next daily monster quest. He might ask you to kill some of the troublesome bandits on the road from Semos to Ados?

    More than trouble lurks beneath the graveyard in Semos Plains North ... vampires roam the Catacombs. If you want to hear the stories, go to the ancient dwarf blacksmith in the mines of Or'ril mountain. And if you're brave enough, begin the quest for the Vampire Sword.

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