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  • 2007-01-30 22:53:21

    Game screenshot

    The Mayor of Semos made a tour of Faumoni recently to discuss administrative issues. He has deemed that any rewards bestowed upon an adventurer should be used only by he who earned them. In the Mayor's tour he noticed some irregularities in the terrain: gardeners and architects have been employed to fix these. He also taught better use of language to many of his citizens.

    Thanatos got approval for some changes to the deathmatch. He thinks it should only reward the player who starts it. He complained of cowards who disappear mid match, without the proper procedure of begging 'bail' from him. These might experience problems in future. Frequent visitors to the arena may have noticed the improved intelligence of black dragons and been relieved they don't fight them themselves. Well, the dragons have taught their secrets to every creature on the island, even the smallest and slowest, so now everything is a lot smarter.

    Mayor Sakhs' visit didn't cover every spot on the island. He'd heard reports of a heathen outdoor temple on the mountain pass between Orril and Semos, but he claims religion is not his business. Perhaps he was afraid of powerful demons there? He also didn't venture past the 'Keep Out' sign in Ados after hearing strange wails and bangs inside. The children in Ados park also keep away from that house, although they did complain of boredom. Maybe they'd like something to play with ... Someone else who is keen for new 'toys' is Balduin. He's been told about new kinds of monster and he wants to add their weapons to his collection.

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