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  • 2006-12-19 17:38:12

    It is one year since the first adventurers arrived on the Island of Faiumoni and explored the town of Semos, Or'ril Castle and the elvish Nalwor Forest. Now, the road to Ados City is open!

    Everyone is invited to come meet the population of Ados. With the knowledge from these new people, Zynn Iwuhos the librarian has been hard at work. He's made detailed descriptions of all weapons and armor listed in his library, and a roll of honor which mentions all important people on Faiumoni.

    Ados City has bakers who make pies, to sustain heroes in battle. These will be needed, as an experiment of Haizen's has gone wrong and dragons seem much more cunning than they've ever been! At the deathmatch arena in Ados, there is no place to hide ....

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