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  • 2006-03-10 16:26:38

    Game screenshot

    Again, on our weekly releases approach we present Stendhal 0.46. This version mostly fixs bugs and add a new interesting quest. We have fixed the sheep bug that made sheep to be transparent. All animations are now fixed, so if you see a strange area please report it as a bug.

    I have also rebalanced again creatures, please complain if you find them to hard. For top level players we have added Dragons and liches so they can party and enjoy :).

    There are some new items to fight against these formidable enemies: plate armors, golden armors, hammers, scythe, fire sword, ...

    Also per request Quests has been made simpler, so saying hi once you have started the quest trigger it.

    Finally we have added several new areas that you will love: Orril castle and Semos mines, and inside Semos city you have now a Bank and a Storage.

    We still need your help to add content to world as items, creatures, quests, maps, bugs, suggestions or simply as a hardcore player. Please write us if you are interested in helping

    NOTE: I have just fixed a bug related to sheeps that made players keep on world freezed. Sorry for the problem but keep in mind that if you don't report the problem it takes us more to notice it.

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