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  • 2005-12-20 12:36:19

    Ok, don't panic!
    This release of Stendhal is seriously the best one we have ever release. No hype really!. All of our beta testers have agree that the game is even fun!.
    So join Stendhal, create an account (you can do it now using the client itself) and give it a try. Our beta process has take down several bugs, but surely there are tons of them waiting for you to find them.

    This release adds many things: several new monsters, several new zones ( three times bigger map ), new RP system, new Items, better way of interacting with NPC, less bugs and a new GUI!.

    Also we need your help for creating new maps or fixing existing ones, and we need your help for creating new quests.
    So come on, join us in the exciting development of a multiplayer online RPG!.

    NOTE: We have removed ALL the accounts, so you have to create them again. And you can use our official game server or the BETA one.

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