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  • 2005-10-23 12:36:19

    As you can read on our previous news item, we have added money to game, so now in addition of gaining XP by killing monsterm you can inspect them to obtain too money. You can by now spend your money on the tavern weapon's seller.

    This release is pretty stable, but many of the features are hacked, so we are going to enter in a refactoring to increase code quality that will surely delay a new release for at least 2-3 weeks. But in case you find any problem or a bug please tell us.

    We have decide to skip the addition of the new zones and the addition of chests ( but on the city ) because we need this version to be released as soon as possible, so we can start the refactoring today. So in order to speed up the development we would need help completing the maps and adding items and chests.

    Please help us create content, items, monsters, maps and quest for Stendhal. Have a tour around our new items, creatures and actions guide.

    This release of stendhal is also (again) together with a release of Marauroa: 1.11, that adds capacity limit to slots and fix a bug at slot assignID procedure.

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