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  • 2005-04-17 13:21:01

    This is the first release of Stendhal that has the tag playable (PLAYABLE).
    You can walk, chat, attack, buy and sell sheeps, change zones, request help, etc...

    I am actually in need of someone with RP gaming experience that wants to help me to create a simple game system based on S6S and give correct values to entities values.

    There are three open tasks that are of vital importance for Stendhal:
    - Create a game manual at https://stendhalgame.org/wiki/StendhalManual
    - Define the entities RP values and the RP general guidelines, like how to attack, how fast, how fast to move, how is allowed to attack to, etc...
    - Complete the manual about how to use Tiled to create maps for stendhal and add screenshots to it.

    Perhaps you would like to help us close some tasks related to Stendhal or review with us the design document.

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